Goldsmith Per Vigeland

Acclaimed goldsmith and jewellery artist, Per Vigeland,  has been running his workshop since 1999 in Bergen, Norway. This is where Per designs and produces his jewellery.  In a traditional workspace, Per forges and shapes precious gold and silver into stylish and elegant jewellery. Raw, robust and simple designs as well as contrasts are recognizable in Per's work, as a result of his use of different materials and textures.

Per's designs focus on form , variety and contrast. 

The jewellery is made using traditional techniques, with Per's own personal style inspiring a juncture where art meets craft.

The extensive collection is featured in his two stores at Bryggen showing a wide range of rings , bracelets, earrings and necklaces in different price ranges.

Per also accepts bespoke orders.

Per portrett.jpg